The Mullet Monster Mafia (BRZ)

Formed in 2008 in the city of Piracicaba, São Paulo state, The Mullet Monster Mafia aims to bring out the contemporarity of the Surf Music style by seeking in its roots. It was created at the end of the 50’s, which also gained fame because of its peculiarity of the Dick Dale’s style of playing guitar. With an agressive and heavy style, the MMMafia brings the old way of playing the guitar along with the brilliant trumpet and aggressive beats. This has created its own identity, called Power Surf Music. Modern melodies and contemporary style mark the musicians of the band, formed by Verme on the guitar (ex-Happy Cow), Moloncio on the trumpet (ex-Skacaos), Mau Rivabem on the bass (ex-Nitraudio) and Emiliano Ramirez on the drums. The first single of MMMafia, called “Power Surf Orchestra” was recorded during the second half of January, 2009, and it was produced by the already known and famous Celso Rocha. The MCD, which has four songs composed, will be launched by Orleone Records and will be available during the 14th edition of Psycho Carnival, in Curitiba.

Watch The Mullet Monster Mafia - Neptune's Fury