14./15.Juni 2019
Running Order

Freitag Phil Riza (FRA), 20 Watt Tombstone (USA), A Pony Named Olga (GER), Gallows Bound (USA), Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy (USA)
Samstag Sixguns For Saints (GER), Gipsy Rufina (IT), Suburban Drugdealers (SWE), Baby Face Nelson (NL), Alabama Black Snakes (DK), Koffin Kats (USA), The Goddamn Gallows (USA)


15./16.Juni 2018
Running Order

Freitag Reverend Red, James Hunnicutt, Cowboy Bob & Trailer Trash, Dirt A Gogo, Hopeless Jack, The Goon Mat & Lord Bernado
Samstag Family Bodze Farmers, Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls, Steering Ships With Empty Bottles, Tiro Williams & The Wild Cowboys, Labretta Suede & The Motel 6, Left Lane Cruisers


09./10.Juni 2017

Running Order

Freitag Trashers, Mack Drietens, Heinrich XIII & The Devilgrass Pickers, Baby Face Nelson, Freeborn Brothers, Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Samstag Phillip Bradatsch, Andrew Ellis, Workers In Songs, The Redemption´s Colts, Dirtt A Gogo, Moonshine Wagon, A Pony Named Olga, Th´Booty Hunters


21.Mai 2016

Running Order

WhiskeyDick, A Pony Named Olga, Freeborn Brothers, Them Old Crap, Jayke Orvis, Dirt A Gogo, The Redemption´s Colts, Ina Marie Burr, Loyft, Miss Atlantic Titti, Burlesque Show