Dead Bronco, the band that became known all over Europe for their Country Punk Rock captained by the american Matt Horan, and has proudly flown the flag of the american roots movement in Europe since 2012, announce the release of their new album, THE ANNUNCIATION, with new band members, new tour, and a new sound that they have defined as BLACK FOLK.
“ We experimented a lot in this album mixing various genres together such as americana gothic, folk noir, punk, and black metal until we came to a sound which we like to call BLACK FOLK.”

Dead Bronco strives to have their own distinguished style and sound that is characteristic and personal just like their previous projects each album has a distinct sound, due to the constant coming and going of band members. “THE ANNUNCIATION” is due in April and they present it with a new congregation,  Alex Atienza (guitar/keys), Mud (bass), David Rodriguez (drums). Get ready for a high energy blood, sweat, and tears show.